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Brief info

I am Áron Molnár, an actor and activist and these two roles mix very well. I worked as a member of Vígszínház (one of the most prestigious dramatic theaters in Hungary) for 6 years, and I have been a freelancer for the last 4 years. I founded noÁr in February 2018.
At first, noÁr was “only” a music group, but by now it has grown into a dynamically improving movement.
I feel a responsibility for the society in which future generations will grow up; and I know it is also up to me to help Hungary become a more open-minded society and a free country where critical thinking and(re)actions will be regarded as civic duties.
My role in noÁr comprises the creative side of the job: songs, vides, public activities andmobilisation.
I am only truly happy when I can do this job!