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Brief info

I am the coordinator of noÁr and I am doing almost every type of things . You can call me at any time, you can tell me your wish, your sigh and I will listen to you and solve it (or not😕 - there is no such thing!😄) I love that we "believe and act", I believe that "our word counts", I enjoy that "we are free" - yes that there is still a problem here? Don't worry! We are very active in making sure this is the case! I coordinate, organize, plan, launch invented and undertaken projects, create tables, load, launch, test how it works and operate it. If necessary, I feed (the staff, the people of Hős utca, the citizens of SZFE...), I buy the boiler, microport, raincoats, boots, carrots, vegetables, T-shirts... I invoice, I chase you for signatures, data, appointments... There is more, let me tell you yet?😎