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Brief info

I am one of the founders of noÁr. According to our initial intentions, we wanted to establish an exciting, new genre in the field of domestic music and performing arts in order to make the world a better place by finding solutions to problematic social issues - through cool RAP songs. Later it became clear that a movement had actually begun at that time. In addition to thinking together about large-scale plans, it is very important to me that every noÁr clip or movement in which I work represents a high artistic standard, I am mainly responsible for the performance and visual concepts, and everything that is movement and choreography is my desk in this band. Above all, climate protection issues are the closest to me, but every topic that we engage in as noÁr is a MATTER in which we all have to learn, develop, step and act. For me, noÁr is about responsibility and great collaborations, and it reinforces the importance of community in me. I believe that "Our word counts, we are free!"