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“Three years ago, I got fed up with politicians destroying the public opinion and discourse. So I wrote a rap song, in which I wanted to explain the differences between a migrant, an immigrant and a refugee. We did the filming in one of my friends’ flat. We stood in front of a white wall, only the four of us. My wife, the producer, my friend and myself. We obtained electricity from the neighbor.  We’ve got almost nothing left, but the will to change the current resignation. Then in the next song, we were already fifty. And in the fifth: hundred and thirty.  We’ve become a constantly growing movement, where there’s no left or right wing, no political parties. The only thing that matters is what you do. Today, students sing our rap songs, they put posters on the dormitory’s walls and on the streets. Parents sit down with their children to talk about racism, education or the lives of homeless people. This is all because of the rap songs. We are going into schools, into civic communities, where we ask people to act and we start programs to transform passive into active. We will never stop, because we must not stop!” Áron Molnár, the Founder of noÁr.

noÁr is a movement that wants to achieve a positive change, through the power of art, acts and dialogue.

We are working every day for an open, free country, where the people can build an acting and conscious  society, regardless of their political party preferences. We are aiming for a cohesive community where we are not afraid to show our emotions, to express our opinion and we all have a mission.

Our mission is to create an active civic community, where everybody is welcome.

We have an amazing 3 years behind us and we couldn’t be more thankful for our volunteers, professionals and supporters, working restless every day. Special thanks to Péter Séra’s and Péterné Józan’s generous aid to our movement.  From 2021, a new chapter started in our lives. o the current operation is in transition and  to deliver a more professional way of working with your support. How? As our partner, you can help by supporting us either monthly or with a one off donation. And/or as part of our team, you can help us with whatever you do best: coordination, administration, photoshooting, video editing or as an activist on the street. Come along, we are waiting for you!

Pessimists are often right, but change will only be achieved by optimists!