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noÁr Movement volunteer application form

Hello, dear Inquirer!

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please fill out the form below so we can contact you!

Thank you very much for thinking of us and for being interested in our Movement!

the noÁr team

    activism (garbage collection, demonstrations, street actions, etc.)production of photos, videos (for clips, events, programs)technical assistance (editing, subtitling, light or sound technology, graphics, text correction, etc.)assisting on filming (participating as an extra, packing, helping the filming crew)transportation, transportationtasks related to organization (maintaining contact, deorganizing locations, coordination, etc.)administrative work (handling excel tables, ad hoc tasks, etc.) )building relationships, especially with international organizations and other formations (finding, finding and maintaining contact with potential partners, etc.)I want to participate as an expert (e.g. study or work on climate protection, children's rights, minority protection, etc.)I want support (I can (also) with a material or financial contribution)other
    less than once a month1-2 times a monthonce a week (2-3 hours)several times a week (4-10 hours)more than 10 hours a week